My story poem debut

Songs are a form of poetry. I had written several songs through the years that seemed more like story poems to me. I figured I would just advertise them as such. Here's the first one inspired by Halloween.

Beautiful Witch

This is the story of a beautiful witch Searching for love, her passion so rich In a place of magic across a velvet sky Lived a young lady with dark smoky eyes She looked in a mirror, skin color of milk & before her face fell black hair of silk. She wished for a man whom she felt the need Should love her back & fulfill her every need So she held her rituals every night Crafting her potions to make it just right. She saw him coming on a sleepy afternoon When he arrived long after soon She knew it was him she'd been waiting for He walked up to her but didn't know what for Her eyes turned to crystal & led him into trance Staring deeply & hypnotized him with a haunting glance. She gave him her potion called Spanish Fly In hopes that her love would get a reply. She had placed him under her deep love spell Forever & ever & all is well.

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