The history of "Earth Sentence"

I knew I wanted to make an EDM record right off the bat. It's my favorite genre though I love all types of music genres. It was a quick and easy record to make. I never thought it would be that way but I owe it to my producer Tony Rodini. He was so easy to work with working on it out of his home studio. We recorded 8 songs which 6 made the cut. I decided to make a few club remixes as well. I found it interesting to hear how other producers would reinterpret my music and always wished to hear them playing out in a club somewhere. The 3 remixes were made by an obscure artist in India I had found online.

I started promoting myself with the first single release "Kindred Spirit". It was my favorite song on the album and most of everyone else as well.

The "Boomerang" video came first though. I remember I specifically wanted to make it in stop-motion style. It's all about the art! I got what I paid for, It was simple but I am happy with it.

"Show U the World" video is nothing fancy. I paid someone to come up with something for me. I didn't really want just a lyric video. In the meantime I was looking for someone to make a real music video with me in it. Finally I went with artist T-Wes to film and direct the video for "Kindred Spirit" which came 15 months after the single was released! It was filmed at LACMA. The art museum in Los Angeles! I love the way it came out with the color effects used. When you watch the video, just know that there is a blooper that was left in! It's something I forgot to do before filming. Still was fun! After that I remember I had decided to put "Earth Sentence" to rest and start making a new album. My director T-Wes wanted to make another video with me and convinced me to do one for "Survival". Originally it was supposed to have background extras chasing me throughout the video to try and kill me. Schedule conflicts caused most actors to be unable to show up. After much delay, T-Wes and I decided to just film it with me getting attacked by an unknown entity. I like how it added a mystery element to it. You can use your imagination with it and did I survive in the end or not? Again it's all in the art of it!

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