Hey! Soldier Rye here! Thank you for visiting my official website!

A little about me. Born and raised in Long Island, New York. Currently residing in Los Angeles. As a teenager I had spent  endless hours in my room coming up with anything that was creative. Drawing, story writing and song writing. This was in the '80's so we did not have a computer or apps to make the music for these songs I wrote so all was left to my imagination. I remember using a blank cassette tape and recording makeshift instruments and singing attempts. I guess you could say I've always wanted to create music. In the mid 2000's I was so excited to finally play with garage band where I was able to practice making demos. It was all for self gratification. Never really thought I'd do more than that. Moving to Los Angeles, you can't help but push your creativity. I was introduced to a music producer by a friend and right then decided to record an album from all those demos just to see if I could. The result was my debut mini album that I absolutely love. That's the beginning  for me. Yes I started late but might as well do it than never at all. With today's technology anything is possible.

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